What had started out as just conversations and brainstorming between friends over the past several years and months had begun to take shape, and on July 2nd, 2012 “The Ride” was born. We had never been in the “transportation business” before but that did not bother us and we were ready for the challenge.  If there is something we know inside and out its customer service and the way to treat people.   We pride ourselves on taking care of people and treating everyone like they are family.  To us “The Ride” is an experience, a chance for you and your friends or colleagues to enjoy yourselves no matter what event you have planned. “The Ride” will always accommodate your group and go out of our way to make your experience a memorable one.  

Thanks for supporting our dream and “Ride On!”  

BJ Maselli & Kris Neff

About Us


•  We will go out of our way to communicate with our guests to ensure confidence and
trust in our service.

•  We will be reliable arriving at your destination(s) at the times designated.

•  Our vehicles will be immaculately clean, and all equipment working.

•  Our drivers will always dress, behave, and interact with guests as professionals.

•  Our drivers will be courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable of the vehicle and
its internal/external components.

•  Our drivers will follow all driving & safety laws to provide you with a safe, relaxing and enjoyable ride.